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We are completely FULL for Regular camp Sessions.  Goaltenders camps still has room for registrations.

Session 1 - Complete
Session 2 - Complete
All Girls Session - Complete
Session 3 - FULL
Goaltenders 1 - openings available
Session 4 - FULL
Session 5 - FULL
Session 6 - FULL
Goaltenders 2 - openings available

At present, as we have said in previous updates, only paid tuitions will be allowed for 2020. Scholarships that were won in the 2019/2020 season will be credited for future use.  We need to be sure we cover our expenses this year with fewer numbers allowed to attend.

SLHC & JHC Sessions

Develop the player. Develop the game.
Check out our session dates for a quick overview.

Due to a change in the registration format, each child must be registered individually.
Currently the system does not allow for more than one registration per order number.

**Important! Returning Registrants - please be sure to update your child's Player Application!

**UPDATE June 12, 2020**
Room & Board is NOT AVAILABLE for 2020 Camps
Aqua Splash is NOT AVAILABLE for 2020 Camps

General information

Your Quick Reference Guide To All SLHC Sessions


SLHC, All Girls & Jasper Session groups are made 2 weeks prior to your camp start, by age, with A being the youngest, B being middle, and C being the oldest.

Goaltender Session groups are sorted by age, with Group 1 being the youngest, Group 2 being the middle and Group 3 being the oldest.

Information Packages for your week of camp with groupings and schedules, will be emailed to the email provided with registration approximately 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start of your camp.  All information in the package is also found on the website with the exception of groupings.

Changes to Groupings - may be made to suit ability levels and/or cancellation replacements that alter the original group. We give consideration to the whole group so changes will only be made if we feel other students won’t be negatively affected by the change. 

Requests for friends or family members to be together, must be made prior to the groupings being finalized and the Packages being sent out. We try our best to accommodate, but if there is too vast of an age difference or too many registrants between players, the request will be denied.

We will not move players that should be in a younger group to an older group or from an older group to a younger group for convenience. 

Ultimately, Final Groupings will be determined by the SLHC and the final group composition.

Session 1July 5 - 10
Session 2July 12 - 17 * R & B Cancelled for 2020
Session 3July 26 - July 31
Session 4August 3 - 8
Session 5August 9 - 14
Session 6August 16 - 21

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Session 1July 19 - 24 * R & B Cancelled for 2020

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Session 1July 31 - August 3
Session 2August 21 - 24

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Session 1Cancelled for the 2020 Season August 9-14 * R & B available

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During the week

All SLHC & Jasper Sessions. Where the action is.

Pro Shop

Get your SLHC Swag - Hoodies, Sweats, Shorts, Ball caps, T-Shirts, etc, plus skate sharpening and jersey number and lettering.

After you arrive on Registration Day and receive your jersey, head over to the Pro Shop to have your name and favourite number put on. Registration Day is the best day to do this.

The cost will range from approximately $12 – $20 depending on how many numbers and letters.


A perfect memento of the week is a photo!

During the week Pix-A-Color takes the pictures for SLHC, All Girls, and Goaltender Sessions, and Different Angle Photography takes the pictures for JHC Sessions.

A variety of packages are available ranging in price from $10 to $50.  Photos are taken first thing Monday morning and will be available on Game Day for pick up.  Drop off your form with payment on registration day!

Attention: Dear Parents & Players

June 12th Update!!

Great news!! We are a go for 2020!! The Province of Alberta, on Tuesday June 9th, as part of their Stage 2 Relaunch Strategy, has given municipalities, permission to reopen recreation centers and arenas. With that announcement, the Town of Sylvan Lake is moving forward with plans to open, while following all of Alberta Health Services restrictions and protocols, in time for our first session on Sunday July 5th.

We acknowledge that this has been a long three months of anxiety and uncertainty and we want to thank all of you for your patience. Although the news is very welcome, with previous indications, it did come as a bit of a surprise, so we are currently working through the restriction and protocol guidelines, with the municipality, to see how we can deliver the best program possible. Working out of a multi-use facility comes with unique challenges so it will take a few days to iron them all out. We will endeavor to get them to you as soon as possible.

What we know now is:

  • There will be restrictions in numbers due to social distancing.  At present we are allowing 24 registrants per group – A, B & C.  Total of 72 per Session as opposed to 110.  We believe this will be the number throughout the summer with no exceptions.
  • There will be extensive hygiene protocols in place. 
  • Room & Board and Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash will not be available for 2020.
  • There will be a whole new set of rules that we will be following. We will release these rules once we have them put together – it will be a definite change from normal.
  • Groups will be made for each session in order of age and there will be no movement after they are set.
  • At present, as we have said in previous updates, only paid tuitions will be allowed for 2020. We need to be sure we cover our expenses this year with fewer numbers allowed to attend.

Any questions, please call us at 403-887-2575 or email


May 14, 2020 update

Like all of us in these unsettling times, we at the SLHC, are watching daily for any updates from the Province and Alberta Health regarding the pending roll out of the relaxation of restrictions and the staged opening up of businesses and facilities. We are hoping and have been encouraged by the measured, but positive messages portrayed from both Premier Kenney and Dr. Hinshaw. We are also proud of how the vast majority of Albertans have responded responsibly to get us to this point of the relaunch.

Original plans are still in place for a full program, if and when, the authorities allow us to go ahead. However, we also did our due diligence and have made alternate plans with various models that include restrictions of numbers, social distancing and sanitation measures. One thing that is especially important to us is that, we can assure you, any of our restructured plans do not sacrifice our 'on or off ice program' quality in any way. At present, our major concern is the opening of Indoor Recreation Centers and, when, the Province will allow this and with what restrictions.As per current Alberta Health requirements, some items that we may have to implement if we are able to move forward could be:

  • Smaller registrant numbers per week, smaller groups of kids with instructors so we have no more than 15 in a group to enable physical distancing. At present, our paid registrations, in each session, with some shuffling, can easily be accommodated. We would have to start at the beginning of the list, moving from first registered to most current. In any given session, 60 students would be the maximum. It would include 4 groups of 15 students with each group getting 2 ice times per day combined with various off ice activities over a 7 to 8 hour period.
  • In this scenario, because of the limited allowed numbers, for this summer, we may not be able to accommodate the Scholarships won at tournaments this past minor hockey season.  Through our promo code system, we will honor them at full value, and we will endeavor to do what we can to honor that commitment as soon as feasibly possible.

Because information changes so rapidly, we will not make any decisions until we are given firm and definitive information.  We are confident that we will get enough lead time to properly implement whatever plans we have in place, and as well, accommodate the backlog of inquiries that have been received since the COVID-19 situation started in mid-March.

We have reached out to a few of the accommodation amenities in Sylvan Lake, this is what we found out:

Due to the COVID-19 situation the Sylvan Lake campgrounds have the following booking and cancellation policies:

  • Sylvan RV Park- 403-887-3430. Taking bookings with no deposit required
  • Meadowlands Golf Resort- 403-887- 5100. Taking bookings with no deposit required
  • Sylvan Lake Golf and Country Club- 587-447- 6811. Taking bookings with no deposit required
  • Jarvis Bay Provincial Park- 1-877-537- 2757.  Taking bookings @ 50% capacity. Full refunds including $12 registration fee if with 72 hour notice. (pertains to all Alberta Provincial Parks)

As our valued customers we will keep you informed with regular updates or any information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions please reach out to us by email at or phone 403-887-2575.

Stay safe!

Graham Parsons - President & Karen Van Meer - Administration

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