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**Session 3 is FULL!  Wait list is available.

**Session 4 is FULL!  Wait list is available.

**Session 5 is FULL!  Wait list is available.

**Session 6 is FULL!  Wait list is available.

**Jasper is no longer available for 2018 - we hope to see you in 2019!

SLHC & JHC Sessions

General Information

Your Quick Reference Guide To SLHC & JHC Sessions


SLHC, All Girls & JHC Sessions groups are made 2 weeks prior to your camp start, by age, with A being the youngest, B being middle, and C being the oldest.

Goaltender Session groups are sorted by age, with Group 1 being the youngest, Group 2 being the middle and Group 3 being the oldest.

Information Packages for your week of camp will be emailed to the email provided with registration approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of your camp.

Group changes may be made to suit ability levels, student convenience and/or cancellation replacements that alter the original group. We give consideration to the whole group so changes will only be made if we feel other students won’t be negatively affected by the change.

SLHC Sessions
All Girls Sessions
Goaltender Sessions
JHC Sessions
SLHC Sessions

Session 1July 8 - 13
Session 2July 15 - 20 *
Session 3July 29 - August 3
Session 4August 6 – 11
Session 5August 12 - 17
Session 6August 19 - 24

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All Girls Sessions

Session 1July 22 - 27 *

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Goaltender Sessions

Session 1August 3 - 6
Session 2August 24 - 27

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JHC Sessions

Session 1August 12 - 17 *

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SLHC & JHC Sessions

During The Week!

Where The Action Is.

Pro Shop

We have souvenirs, skate sharpening and jersey number and lettering.

After you arrive on Registration Day and receive your jersey, head over to the Pro Shop to have your name and favourite number put on. Registration Day is the best day to do this.

The cost will range from approximately $10 – $18 depending on how many numbers and letters.


A perfect memento of the week is a photo!

During the week Pix-A-Color takes the pictures for SLHC, All Girls, and Goaltender Sessions, and Different Angle Photography takes the pictures for JHC Sessions.

They can be purchased on game days at the end of the week. A variety of packages are available.