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2023 SLHC Sessions


Goaltender Weekend Camps are still open with about 15 spots left both Sessions
(Feb 19/23)

Session 1 is FULL and Spots are saved for Certificate Winners
Session 2 is FULL and Closed
All Girls is FULL and Closed 

Session 3 is FULL and Closed 
Session 4 is FULL and Closed
Session 5 is FULL and Closed

Session 6 is FULL and Closed
Session 7 is FULL and Closed

DO NOT try to register for these sessions even if there is a spot open!

Please review our Payment & Cancellation Policy.

To register for the Payment Plan - go to the right when you enter the session selection on a desktop, and keep scrolling down to access it on a mobile device. 
Ensure you do not have full payment and the payment plan selected when you check out.

The Registration System does not allow for more than one registration per order number. 
Each Child must have their own Registration Order.

Returning players - please be sure to update the player application form so it is current for 2023!

General information

Your Quick Reference Guide To All 2023 SLHC Sessions

Payment Information

*NEW – All Sessions – Payment is required to hold your spot in any camp.  All registrations must be Paid in Full prior to June 1st. 

We provide Credit Card, Etransfer, or cheque options.  As well, we have a Credit card payment plan online or Etransfer payment plan that we will set up equal monthly payments on. 

DO NOT select Pay in Person, unless you have been instructed to. 

If you register for a Payment Plan and your credit card is compromised or is declined and your payment is missed, please let us know immediately and update your credit card information in your account. The system will only continue to try to take payment for so long, then will stop and your payment will be behind which can result in your spot being revoked.

If you register without payment, you will have 5 days to make a payment or get in touch with us regarding making payments or your spot will be void.  You will get one email reminder prior to your spot being cancelled and put back in the queue.  We do not have the time to chase payments.


SLHC, All Girls & Jasper Session groups are made 1 to 2 weeks prior to your camp start, by age, with A being the youngest, B being the middle, and C being the oldest. For 2023 - Group A should be 2015/14 and younger, Group B - 2014 to 2012, and Group C - 2011 and older.  These are just guidelines only as to what group your child could be in and are subject to change depending on the registrations in any Session.  We do not group by Minor Hockey Levels, we divide the players up evenly into groups by birthdate.  

Goaltender Session groups are sorted by age, with Group 1 being the youngest, Group 2 being the middle, and Group 3 being the oldest.

Information Packages for your week of camp with groupings and schedules will be emailed to the email provided with registration approximately 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start of your camp.  All information in the package is also found on the website with the exception of groupings.

Changes to Groupings - may be made to suit ability levels and/or cancellation replacements that alter the original group. We give consideration to the whole group so changes will only be made if we feel other students won’t be negatively affected by the change.  All players are where they are supposed to be when groupings are made according to their birthdates and all players will receive the appropriate instruction to make their time at camp beneficial.

Requests for friends or family members to be together must be made prior to the groupings being finalized and the Packages being sent out. Preferably when registering.  We try our best to accommodate, but if there are too vast of an age difference or too many registrants between players, the request will be denied.

We will not move players that should be in a younger group to an older group or from an older group to a younger group for convenience. 

Ultimately, Final Groupings will be determined by the SLHC and the final group composition.

Sessions Dates
Session 1July 2 - 7
Session 2July 9 - 14 * R & B available
Session 3July 23 - 28
Session 4July 30 - August 4
Session 5August 7 - 12
Session 6August 13 - 18
Session 7August 20 - 25
Cost$575.00 + GST / R&B $950.00 + GST

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Sessions Dates
Session 1July 16 - 21 * R & B available
Cost$575.00 + GST / R&B $950.00 + GST

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Goaltenders Sessions Dates
Session 1August 4 - 7
Session 2August 25 - 28
Cost$485.00 + GST

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Sessions Dates
Session 1August 13 - 18 * R & B available
Cost$590.00 + GST / R&B $965.00 + GST

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During the week

All SLHC & Jasper Sessions. 

Pro Shop

Get your SLHC Swag - Hoodies, Sweats, Shorts, Ball caps, T-Shirts, etc, plus skate sharpening and jersey number and lettering.

After you arrive on Registration Day and receive your jersey, head over to the Pro Shop to have your name and favourite number put on. Registration Day is the best day to do this.

Cost for Jersey Lettering: Numbers are $5.00 each, Name is $10.00.  


A perfect memento of the week is a photo!

Each week One Wolf Creative takes the pictures for SLHC, All Girls, and Goaltender Sessions.

A variety of packages are available ranging in price.  Photos are taken first thing Monday morning and will be available on Wednesday to view and order online.  Pictures are mailed right to your home!

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