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49 Years Of Hockey Hopefuls & Their Families

Tradition Continues: The Next Generation

Develop The Player. Develop The Game.

This year we celebrate our 47th consecutive year enjoying the company of young hockey hopefuls and their families. We are extremely proud of our past and the fact that we have had an impact on over 50,000 players throughout these years. That being said we are marking this milestone with enthusiasm and optimism as we expand and strengthen our partnership with Hockey Alberta to ensure we remain among the leaders in player and now, coach development.

  • First Camp was hosted in 1975.
  • Over 50,000 students have attended.
  • Students have come from over 18 Countries from every Continent, 16 American States, and every Province and Territory in Canada.
  • Goaltender Hockey Camp started in 1983.
  • Jasper Hockey Camp opened in 1996.
  • All Girls Hockey Camp started in 1998.
  • Contact Confidence Specialty Clinics introduced in 2009.
  • Hockey Alberta Development Partnership pilot project implementation 2012.
  • Hockey Alberta Official Development Licensee Partnership formulated 2013.

As seen above, the Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp has consistently updated its’ programs to keep up with the ever changing development of the game. The emphasis of these programs has been training on fundamentals which has incorporated the latest of on ice and off ice drills and training information.

Development Initiative

In keeping with that “Tradition” and looking to the “Next Generation” the partnership with Hockey Alberta is monumental as it gives the Camp access to the very latest appropriate training philosophies and technology. That information is captured in Hockey Canada’s’ “Long Term Player Development” document and is the basis for our program. The basics are as follows:

  • Age and skill appropriate training and development…on and off the ice.
  • Focus on age appropriate training to ensure the participant develops as an athlete and acquires the skills necessary to play and enjoy hockey.
  • Encourage hockey leaders (coaches, parents and other champions) to understand and value the importance of all-around development…delivering hockey specific skills at the right time in a young player’s career.

In accordance with the above following is our “Athletes Mission Statement”

“We are dedicated to providing skill development for our participants to strive to be the best they can be; ensure the development of self-esteem and skill development in a safe and fair environment.”

Coaching Development

Another important initiative with our partnership is our “Coach Development” program. Through the local minor hockey associations we will identify “Champions” that will be leaders for years to come in their association.

We will offer them enhanced coaching packages to participate at the Camp in a neutral environment so they can acquire a coaching base that will ensure that they will have the necessary developmental tools to help lead the players and parents through their minor hockey experience.

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