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The Hockey Alberta Alternate Season Development Sanction

A 5 year collaborative effort between the SLHC and Hockey Alberta through the 'Long Term Player Development' initiative has culminated with the sanctioning of our program as one that properly delivers age and skill appropriate training. We have worked hard to obtain this recognition and the SLHC will continue to access all the latest training and programming information provided through Hockey Alberta Development.

What Does That Mean?

In 2011 Hockey Alberta started investigating the possibility and effects of expanding their off season development programs from their "Program of Excellence", which targets elite athletes 14 years and up, to a more grassroots approach. It was determined that the membership of HA wanted some form of shoulder season programming. It was also determined that it was happening in environments that were not in keeping with Hockey Canada's LTPD program which very specifically outlines the process of proper age specific player development.

With the opening of HA's sixth and final Regional Development Center the opportunity to begin the implementation of appropriate programs through these centers was realized. It began and continues to evolve with various non-competitive spring and summer "skill camps" and 3 on 3 Tournaments. Once those programs were up and running thoughts of exploring private sector partnerships to expand the message of responsible player development were being considered. The Sylvan Lake and Jasper Hockey Camps have always held the values of proper development and have always tried to upgrade our on ice and off ice programs to the most up to date training information and we feel privileged to help Hockey Alberta expand their delivery of the message of Proper age specific long term player development.

What Does This Mean To Our Customers?

This initiative gives the SLHC/JHC staff and instructors access to the very latest developmental training material, equipment and advisors to help ensure that we deliver the BEST product to our customers. The fact that SLHC/JHC have informed Hockey Alberta of our commitment to the delivery of their programs, gives our customers the assurance that we are accountable to the governing body.

Basic Goals of Long Term Player Development

  • Age appropriate training and development…on and off the ice.
  • Focus on age appropriate training to ensure the participant develops as an athlete and acquires the skills necessary to play and enjoy hockey.
  • Encourage hockey leaders(coaches, parents and other champions) to understand and value the importance of all-round development…delivering hockey specific skills at the right time in a young players career.

In accordance to the above:

We are dedicated to providing skill development to our participants to strive to be the best they can be; ensure the development of self-esteem and skill development in a safe and fair environment.

More To It Than Just Hockey. Parents, this is Important!

In 2016 we looked at our off-ice program. Through our 2-year partnership with the Canadian Red Cross and their 'Player Awareness' initiative, revealed there is much we can do to make the week more complete.

To achieve this more complete program, one that maintains the physical training but also adds team building, respect of teammates, friends and new acquaintances, we sought out professional help through the educational system. We went through the Red Deer College Middle School Education Program for help with age appropriate programming and supervisory measures. We enlisted the help of two recommended 4th year students who would oversee our team of Group Leaders. Added to the group was a high school teacher and guidance councillor to balance the curriculum. Once our team of supervisors, group leaders and Jr. leaders was complete, we put everyone through a chid care course put on by the Sylvan Lake FCSS (Family Community Support Services). The end result was more than satisfactory. Enough to expand it even further in 2017.

For this year we are pleased to introduce the leads in this initiative.

Cody Reynolds

Program Coordinator

SLHC Experience

Hockey Experience