Goaltenders Sessions

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(Ages 5 – 17)

Each group will follow a specialized station system that rotates the goalies through stations to maximize the teaching and learning over the course of 4 days. They also have power skating sessions to work on that important skill.

The off ice program focuses on reflex training drills. The classroom sessions will be used to breakdown goaltending into easy to understand concepts.

Session Selection – Goaltenders

*All registrants must have their own order, you currently cannot register more than one child at a time.

*DO NOT register and not pay or contact us. You will lose you registration spot. We will absolutley not chase payments.

*If you make a mistake on your order, please DO NOT make a new order, we can correct it from our end.

*SCHOLARSHIP REGISTRANTS be sure to email to see if there is room in the session you prefer.

Goaltenders Meal Pack

SLHC offers a healthy, 5 Lunch Meal Plan through the NexSource Centre Catering Service.

Each day will have a feature item, vegetables and/or fruit, juice, water, and a simple dessert. Our meal plans are nut-free.

*NEW - we will not be providing any type of specialized menu in 2024 and beyond.

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Product Description

(Ages 5 – 17)

Each group will follow a specialized station system that rotates the goalies through stations to maximize the teaching and learning over the course of 4 days. They also have power skating sessions to work on that important skill.

The off ice program focuses on reflex training drills. The classroom sessions will be used to breakdown goaltending into easy to understand concepts.

The students will learn and progress, but most important is our Mission Statement FUNdamentals. Hockey is supposed to be fun and our instructors will teach the students and make their 4 days educational and enjoyable. Each student will also receive a certificate that helps them see what they need to work on to keep improving.

Additional Information

Goaltenders Meal Pack

Pick Your Meal Pack

Standard Meal Plan, Special Dietary Needs

All Students

  • All Hockey Equipment – each student must have a neck guard.
  • Phys Ed gear – Gym shorts, t-shirt
  • Bathing Suit & Beach Towel
  • Bug Spray
  • Sun Screen
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat – one that keeps the sun off the head
  • Running shoes

Dorm Students

All the supplies under “All Students” and:

  • Sleeping bag, pillow, lighter blanket
  • Toiletries – toothbrush & toothpaste, shower soap, shampoo
  • Clothing for the week

* Please make sure everything is clearly labelled with names, in case any item gets lost.

Equipment Checklist

(Please double check that all equipment is in the bag!)

* You will be receiving a Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp Jersey to wear during your weekend at Camp.


  • Skates
  • Blade Protectors
  • Stick
  • Tape
  • Helmet with Mask
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Hockey pants
  • Shin guards
  • Hockey socks
  • Hockey Jock/Jill
  • Equipment bag
  • Neck guard
  • Socks to wear on your feet!

* Mouth Guards are encouraged to be used but not a requirement.


  • Goalie skates
  • Goalie helmet
  • Goalie pants
  • Blocker
  • Catcher
  • Chest protector
  • Leg pads
  • Goalie stick
  • Throat protector
  • Blade protectors
  • Tape
  • Hockey Jock/Jill
  • Hockey socks
  • Equipment bag
  • Socks to wear on your feet!

We offer healthy meal plans for purchase when you register online, to make Registration Day easier! We now have meals available for purchase as an add-on when you register with a payment plan – for a one time cost with your first payment!

Sylvan Lake Camps are $70 (5 Lunches)
Goaltenders Camps are $32 (2 Lunches)
(All + GST)

Meal are all prepared fresh, in house, by the NexSource Centre Catering Staff!

Examples in the picture are Taco Day, Mac & Cheese Day, Pizza Day, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Day, Hamburger & Hot Dog Day, plus a homemade soup, a different salad, vegetable tray or fruit tray, milk, juice, water and a simple dessert. (*All items are subject to change at any time)

Registrants that wish to bring their own packed lunch, may also do so, and are able to sit together in the lunch room.

Dormitory facilities are located on the main floor of the NexSource Centre in Strategis Room’s 2 and 3. All groups stay in the dorm with their supervisors who also organize the off hour activities that range from movie night, soccer or a swim. Depending on age, all students are with Group Supervisors at all times. We sometimes allow older students to have check in times. The Dorm and students are supervised 24 hours a day.

When registering, please try to arrive an hour before registration time to get settled. Students are responsible for their own meal on registration day so parents/guardians are reminded to make meal arrangements either with themselves or with a supervisor.

All Groups


You will be assigned a Dorm Supervisor upon Registration.  She will help you settle into your bunk.  During all off hour activity, you must remain under supervision.

Dorm Rules:

  • All beds & bedding must be kept neat and tidy.
  • No Horseplay
  • Absolutely no offensive behaviour
  • The Dorm must be kept clean.  All garbage must be put in garbage cans.
  • Dorm supervisors will set curfews.  Once lights are out, quiet time must be observed.  Please respect other people’s right to relax and sleep.
  • Should you have any problems or questions, please alert your Supervisor immediately.
  • All equipment and personal belongings are the responsibility if each individual student.

Off Hours Activities – Sylvan Lake:

The following off hour activities are planned by Dorm Supervisors for all groups! The schedule is just an outline and subject to change due to weather etc. Please leave extra spending money if you wish your child to participate in these activities. (These are all subject to change.) 

  • Sunday: Beach Walk and Downtown Tour
  • Monday: Mini Golf/Go Karts ($20) & Beach Time
  • Tuesday: Movie night ($20)
  • Wednesday: Bowling ($15)
  • Thursday: Game Day, Beach & Big Moo ($10)

Please go over the rules with your child as they are immediate reasons to be sent home.

  • Every student is expected to act in a proper manner at all times.
  • Name calling or abusive language will not tolerated – always treat people with the respect you would like!
  • Fighting will be dealt with in a severe manner.
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time.
  • Any illegal activities will mean the automatic expulsion from school and authorities will be called in.
  • Dressing rooms are for getting equipment on and off, they are not to be used as a play area.
  • Students must stay with their groups at all times.

General Rules

  • Name tags – you will find a name tag on the door of the dressing room you have been assigned.  Please take the name tag and put it on the front of your helmet.  The youngest students in the group will have red names tags, the middle aged students will have green and the oldest will have blue.  These groups are used for station drills (45 minutes of your ice time) so that you are practicing with students close to your age.
  • Dressing Rooms – Each group is assigned two dressing rooms for the week.  Group A – Rooms 3 &4, Group B – Rooms 5 & 6.  The Girl’s Dressing room is Room 1 in the Arena. Your equipment stays in the dressing room all day but at the end of the day everything must be taken out because we have ice rentals at night and the rooms have to be cleaned.  If you need storage ask your Rover to help you lock up your equipment in a locker for the night.  Do Not Leave valuables in the Dressing Room – SLHC is not responsible for lost or stolen items!
  • Skate Sharpening – we only sharpen skates after the day is over.  Drop off your skates in the Pro Shop – they will be sharpened and locked in the shop until morning.  Skate Sharpening is $5.
  • Rovers – are instructors that go with you to classroom, phys-ed and both ice times.  If you need help with your equipment or have any questions or concerns, please ask your Rover.
  • Meal Plan – if you have signed up for the meal plan, the Rovers will take role call and take you for your meals at the Curling Rink across from the Arena.  If you are not on the Meal Plan, your Parent or Guardian are responsible for you during this time.
  • Stay with the Group – After the Rovers take roll call, follow them to classroom or phys-ed and listen to them so you know when to get dressed for your ice times.
  • Discipline Policy – No swearing, fighting, bullying, name calling or bothering other students on or off the ice.  If you are a problem on or off the ice, the instructors will ask you to sit out of the activity and will return to ask if you can follow the rules of the Camp.  If this behaviour continues, you will be taken to talk to the office personnel and your parents.  We do not tolerate disrespecting others at the Camp.
  • Classroom & Phys Ed – Group A meets in Dressing Room 3 and Group B meets in Dressing Room 6.  The Rovers will take role call and will then take you to your activity.
  • Phys Ed – Each day bring a towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, bug spray hat & water bottle.  We try to be outside everyday in Phys Ed and we don’t know what the weather will be like.
  • Sit on the Bench – Once you are dressed, the Rovers will get you to go to the bench and sit and wait for your ice time.  It is cooler on the bench than in the dressing room.  Please sit on the bench or stand in the aisle – Do Not Sit on the Boards!Never go on the ice until an instructor tells you it is OK to do so.
  • No Food – There is no food allowed in the dressing rooms.  If you spill anything it can end up on another student’s equipment, so please eat your food in the Lobby Area.
  • Listen – Please listen on and off the ice.  It makes everyone’s job easier and everyone can learn and have fun!  The Students and Parents that come to Sylvan Lake come to learn hockey and have a fun Summer – not to be teased and bullied.  Remember to treat people the way you wish to be treated.


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