Payment Plan: Goaltender Sessions

From: $121.25 / month for 4 months

Payment Plan Item: Goaltenders Sessions

(Ages 5 – 17)

Each group will follow a specialized station system that rotates the goalies through stations to maximize the teaching and learning over the course of 4 days. They also have power skating sessions to work on that important skill.

The off ice program focuses on reflex training drills. The classroom sessions will be used to breakdown goaltending into easy to understand concepts.

The students will learn and progress, but most important is our Mission Statement FUNdamentals. Hockey is supposed to be fun and our instructors will teach the students and make their 4 days educational and enjoyable. Each student will also receive a certificate that helps them see what they need to work on to keep improving.

*Please make sure you only have ONE CAMP in your cart, if you are choosing a payment plan, when checking out. Not a FULL camp and PAYMENT PLAN - they are 2 separate items. CHECK YOUR TOTAL!

*All registrants must have their own order, you cannot register more than one child at a time.

*If you make a mistake on your order, please DO NOT make a new order, we can correct it from our end.

*SCHOLARSHIP REGISTRANTS be sure to email to see if there is room in the session you prefer.

Goaltenders Meal Pack

SLHC offers a healthy, 5 Lunch Meal Plan through the NexSource Centre Catering Service.

Each day will have a feature item, vegetables and/or fruit, juice, water, and a simple dessert. Our meal plans are nut-free.

*NEW - we will not be providing any type of specialized menu in 2024 and beyond.

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Goaltenders Meal Pack

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Standard Meal Plan, Special Dietary Needs

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