Payment Plan: All Girls Sessions

From: $183.33 / month for 3 months

(AGES 5 & UP)

Our on ice program follows the Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development initiative which stresses age and skill appropriate fundamentals starting with and emphasizing skating. From there we transition into all other fundamentals including puck touches and handling, passing shooting and team play. Off ice Activities stress age appropriate character and team building to go along with the latest all around physical training designed at ‘athletic’ development. Athletes make better hockey players.

Payment Plan Item: All Girls Sessions

Meal Pack

SLHC offers a healthy, 5 Lunch Meal Plan through the NexSource Centre Catering Service.

* Meals are included in Room & Board Options. Do Not select if purchasing a Room & Board Camp.

Aqua Splash

The Ultimate, aquatic, sports park playground!

This option is available for 6 years of age and older and must be 3' 6" tall. 5-year-olds will go to the beach during this time.

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2 reviews for Payment Plan: All Girls Sessions

  1. Barbara Delver

    Love payment plan options

  2. Barbara Delver

    This will be our daughters 3rd yr participating in the SLHC. She enjoys the atmosphere of being able to learn & strengthen skills with the all girl’s sessions. Being surrounded with all girls is really inspiring and encouraging to her.

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