One of the Most Exciting Days!

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Players are excited to be back on the ice, excited to learn and hone their skills.
They get excited about their training at the beach, the waterslides, and so much more.
And they’re excited to meet up with old friends. Parents too, feel right at home when they see familiar faces.


Information Packages will be emailed to you prior to your Session. It will tell you what Group your player is in and detailed info specific to you.



Be prepared to provide/confirm/update Emergency Phone Numbers, where and who the player is staying with, Health Insurance Number and any medical conditions, etc.

Each player will receive their jersey, daily schedules and more info. Once they’ve received their jerseys, optional name and number pressing is available. See below for other available options as well.

Check your packages for your Groups Parent Player meeting time. Meet Graham Parsons, Founder & President, and the Rovers.

And just what the players have been waiting for, they’ll finish the day with on-ice time.

See On-Site Services and where the new Main Entry is below. Yes, construction for our new NexSource Centre has begun.



Players love Waterslide Day

Hockey Camp Waterslide DayOnce a week, weather permitting, students go to the waterslide for their Phys. Ed. class. A very popular option for sure. With signed parents’ permission, an option to stay until closing is also available.
Reduced rate $21 (includes GST).



Contact Confidence
One hour evening Contact Confidence Clinic. Must be 9 years of age or older, or be turning 9 this year.
Stresses the many components of Contact Confidence skill development. Students will learn angling techniques, gap control, separate the man from the puck, reacting to checking pressure, and more. See your Information Package for more info and times.
$35 plus GST

Meal Plans
Take a break from packing lunches. For now, while we’re under construction, students will be walking to the Community Centre for meals. It’s only 4 blocks. Pricing ($70-$75) varies depending on which Group your player is in. Please refer to your Information Package. Sample meal plans can be found on the website.

Jersey Numbers & Lettering

Jersey Numbers & Letter Pressing

What’s your favorite number? Do you want the name of your favorite player? or your very own last name.
Anything goes as long as it’s not offensive.
Once you’ve registered and received your jersey, head over to the Pro Shop.
Numbers $4 each. Name starting at $7. Pricing varies depending on number of letters.


Picture Packages
The perfect memento of the week! Photos by Dave Fedorkiw, Pix-A-Color. A variety of packages are available for pre-order on Registration Day. Game action photos will also be taken. These photos and your pre-ordered packages will be available for pick up at the game on the last ‘night’ of your session.



Daily Skate Sharpening
Drop your skates off at the end of the day, and they’ll be ready for you the next morning.
Pay $5 at the Pro Shop.

Pro Shop

Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp Pro ShopOpen Daily. Variety of souvenirs available.
Cash, Debit & Credit Cards accepted.






Pat’s Concession

Open Daily. One of the best concessions ever!
Homemade pies, cinnamon buns & a whole lot more.







The new NexSource Centre will be amazing; but for now, there are some changes.

As you can guess, the front of the building is no longer accessible. The Main Entry is now at the East end of the Multiplex (formerly the back).
There is limited parking at the back. Parking remains on the side and the street. They are currently working on a new entrance to this side lot allowing for easy drop-off.


Once inside, you’ll be greeted by Rovers to help direct you and take the players, and their equipment, to their dressing rooms. Or, just follow the signs to the mezzanine for registration.


We thank you for bearing with us during some of the ‘building’ pains. But, it will be worth it. The NexSource Centre will indeed be a new hub of activity. What will it include? a revitalized existing arena plus a new ice surface; 5-sheet Curling Rink; Child & Youth Activity areas; Meeting/Banquet space; 3-Lane Walking Track; Seniors Centre.

See the plans. We know you’ll get excited too!



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