Greg Pallister Joins the SLHC Coach Development Team

Greg Pallister, most recently Communication and Marketing Manager for Hockey Alberta, has officially joined the SLHC Coach Development Team. SLHC President Graham Parsons and Vice President of Program Development Gary VanHereweghe recently announced the appointment and Parsons issued the following statement.

“We have been looking for the right fit for this exciting new program that concentrates on Comprehensive Coach Development and how it relates to Hockey Alberta’s emphasis on Long Term Player Development (LTPD). Greg’s experience with Hockey Alberta will certainly help in this area and it goes a long way to moving this program forward”.

The program targets young coaches in various Local Minor Hockey Associations (LMHA’s) that exhibit qualities that make them a probable candidate for leadership and long-time positive service to their LMHA. Parsons adds

“The goal is to put these coaches in an atmosphere that has them work with all skill levels and all ages re-enforcing the LTPD principals and show them how to access the Regional Development Center programs offered by Hockey Alberta.  Young guys have all the energy in the world and they want to do the right things, make the right decisions and we want to help.”

The program has the capacity to work with 4 coaches per week making it possible to turn out 28 coaches each year that will in turn benefit not only the players they teach but their LMHA’s.

For more information on this program you can contact SLHC via email, phone at 403-887-2575, or view the SLHC Player & Coach Development Program page.

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