2014 Testimonials: Priceless! We’ll Be Back.

DEVELOPING ATHLETES ~ Not Just Hockey Players.

“The better the athlete, the more complete the hockey player” – Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta’s Long-Term Player Development goals.



SLHC has always taken pride in our overall program:

  • that emphasizes skill development for all ages and abilities;
  • that is based on success-oriented drills.


THE PLAYER WANTS MORE ~ Outside Summer Enjoyment.

The program’s success is not just on the ice, but off the ice as well. Combining these drills and training sessions outside, especially at the beach, has the player wanting more – each and every day. Our hope is this outside summer training, development and enjoyment carries on throughout the year.



  • “Can not say enough about the wonderful experiences my granddaughters have had over the last few years!” ~ Kate
  • “It was a little hard to drop our 7 year old off with perfect strangers and wish him luck. But, when we show up and see all the smiles on the kids’ faces, priceless! Brody had so much fun. This was a wonderful camp, worth every penny, we will be back next year!” ~ Keri
  • “What a fun location for hockey camp.”! ~ Linda
  • “My son loves it there!” ~ Lisa
  • “Thank you to Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp for the awesome week of hockey school that my daughter participated in. She looked forward to going every day! I really appreciate the time and effort the rovers and coaches put in towards coaching the girls and helping them improve their skills. I was also very impressed with the Red Cross topics and presentation. It was a well organized, fun week and my girl is already asking to come back next year! Thank You!” ~ Shannon
  • “My boy loved it!” ~ Adam
  • “My son is going to your Jasper Camp at the end of the month, he is SO excited!” ~ Christal
  • “Had a great time at your camp.” ~ Danyon
  • “Definitely impressed with the care and attention the Rovers and instructors gave our boys today!!” ~ Jodi



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