You Have The Power? WHL Program Continues.

In an ongoing effort to offer our students and their families the latest innovations pertinent to Hockey Alberta’s “Player First” development model, we are very proud to announce the continuation of our partnership with The Canadian Red Cross Respect Ed Program.

This is the second year that the Canadian Red Cross has accessed the SLHC to deliver important messaging regarding social interaction and its’ influence on all ages in the game. This ‘pilot project’ is an age-appropriate modification of the Red Cross Western Hockey League initiative dealing with similar messaging.

This year’s topic focus is on POWER.
How is POWER relevant in and around the sports environment?

One in-class 45-minute workshop will include topics such as:

  • What is Power?
  • My Power
  • Others Power
  • How Power can be abused
  • Positive ways to use Power

Activities will include:

  • Flower Power (personal reflection activity)
  • To identify different types of power and understand how they can either contribute to bullying or be used to stop bullying.
  • Power Play (group interaction activity)
  • To consider the Power dynamics in social situations.
  • Left Out (group name)Define Power.Reflect on their own experiences with social power.
  • Express feelings and ideas about inclusion and exclusion.
  • To understand the Power dynamics in social situations.


It’s important to start thinking about what kind of power you possess and how you may unknowingly use it in a negative way. All coaches, parents, families and players must always be aware of their own power and their ability to help or hurt others. Challenge yourself to find new ways to use your power in a positive way.

  • Kids deserve for sports to be safe from violence and abuse, this includes the misuse of power by parents and coaching staff.
  • We all have power. Bullying is using that power to be hurtful and mean.
  • You have the right to be treated fairly and with respect.Power is about who you are and what you do.

It’s the ability to make something happen.


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