Sylvan Lake Hockey Arena Collapses

Video transcript:

“Well, I’m sure everyone’s heard the news, it’s all over the nation. It’s a sad day when the arena went down.

As for the hockey school, I’d like to assure everybody that it’s alive and well and I’m actually standing out front of the new home of the hockey school which is the Multiplex that was attached to the old arena. So everything is all ahead-and-go for this year. It’s actually a year ahead of time. We were moving over here next year anyway.

Just to reassure everybody, memories of the old rink will always be with us. Those guys that have been with us for many years, and the instructors, and everyone involved, yes, it is a sad day.

Just to reassure everybody, it’s all alive and well, we’re going ahead. Go to the website, you can register, give us a call. Get everything all suited up.

We have a new partnership with Hockey Alberta that we were rolling out today on Player and Coach Development. If you go to the website, you can read all about that.

To our customers, be assured we are still going ahead for this year.”

– Graham Parsons, President & Founder. 40 Years with Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp.

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