Kraymer Barnstable Added to SLHC Staff as Goaltending Coordinator

The Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp is very pleased to announce a new agreement with Kraymer Barnstable to take on the job of coordinating the 2017 Goaltending Program. Mr. Barnstable is one of Central Alberta’s leading goaltending instructors through his very successful  Stable in the Net Goaltending Academy and has recently joined Hockey Alberta’s Development Team as Central Zone Goaltending Lead. Mr. Barnstable joined the SLHC staff last year as part time and is now going to coordinate all of the goaltending instruction in all of the regular hockey camp sessions and as well will be the lead in the Sylvan Lake Goaltenders Camp sessions in August. SLHC President Graham Parsons says,” This will give all of our goaltending sessions, especially the weekly groups, the consistency we have been looking for in the past few years. We are very pleased to be able to have, not only a quality coordinator, but a quality person to look after, what we feel is a very important component to the Camp.”

For more information on this program please contact our office by email at or by phone at 403-887-2575.

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