Are Your ‘Other’ Kids Looking for Something to Do?

Are Your ‘Other’ Kids Looking for Something to Do?

Did you know there are many summer activities available for brothers and sisters of your Hockey Camp player?

How about Summer Sunbuster Day Camps for the Art Lover, Lego Enthusiast or the young Scientist, just to mention a few. Perhaps a teen interested in Leadership? (p.14)

New this year in July is the British Soccer Camp. (p.21)

Is it a rainy day and you want to hit the pool? Aquatic Centre info p. 42 Fitness classes available. And party rooms.

Are you here for the whole summer? Sportball info is on p.25.

Grandma or Grandpa keeping you company? Seniors activities p.38

The new Sylvan Lake Community Program Guide 2015 is now available. Check it out.

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